Nordic Technology & Innovation Centre is co-founded by Tianjin Municipal Government sector - Tianjin Science & Technology Commission, Tianjin Technology Transformation Cluster and JDR ApS, Denmark in 2016. The Centre is strategically situated in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, with service & resource scope covers Greater Tianjin Region and Bohai Economic Rim. It is A destination for Nordic businesses, academics and sustainable development leaders to develop collaborative capacities of the future. As well as a bilateral platform for Nordic innovators and Entrepreneurs to scale up the markets in China and around the world.
北欧科创中心由天津市对外科技交流中心/天津市科学技术委员会与丹麦JDR(联合发展与研究)ApS 共同设立于天津自贸区。致力于促进天津及环渤海地区与北欧的国际协作创新及技术成果转化。 “北欧科创中心”于天津、丹麦同步运营,接受丹麦商务部与外交部的协助与扶持,立足于北欧的核心-哥本哈根,整合北欧五国的科技实力及创新创业资源,与中国环渤海地区产学研融合对接。以切实资源优势增强国际技术协作,促进国际商贸往来及经济发展。

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